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Midsummer Festival of the Fool

June 16 - 19, 2023

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Festival of the Fool: Welcome
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The Fool

A little background...

This is a unique three day experience where what it means to reinvent the Fool Archetype for our times. 

Surrender, explore the unknown, live in direct experience,  v stay in the physical body, play, clown, sing, connect, meditate.

Sessions in shamanic practice, Social Presencing Theatre, bodywork, songwriting, and the troubadour. 

As we sense and create from emergence together, we will uncover new potentials and possibilities that contribute to positive change in ourselves and collectively. By combining the arts of play and meditation, we increase our capacity for joy and the ability to transmit a high vibe in public space. When groups play consciously, they unleash a powerful energy that unites.

At this festival, you will be immersed in interesting, creative processes including clowning, music, storytelling, Social Presencing Theatre and circling. Whether you are new to these practices or a seasoned practitioner, this is a unique chance to experience the meeting of deep connection, play and performance. You will have the opportunity to explore, play and communicate from emergence, from the moment. emerge as an embodied, curious, and open individual. Come join us and let's discover the magic that unfolds when we come together with an open heart and mind.


This is a transformative experience where you can increase your trust in the unknown. Take some time to rest, unwind, and slow down as you laugh and connect with others. Swim, paddle, or play in the crystal-clear waters of Lake Vinkeveen, which is only 2 minutes away.

Be inspired and develop your own calling as you share your work and tell your stories. Join us in the emergence of the Renaissance of Troubadours, and try out a new form of connecting in presence. Develop your sense of humor and pleasure, and treat yourself to a massage or bodywork session before laying down in the grass or taking a swim.

Meet a bunch of new people and enjoy great vegetarian food that caters to vegan and special diets. You can stay in a cute caravan or cabin with friends or partners, or bring a tent and camp. 

Can I share my own work?

If you are a qualified practitioner of a healing practice you can apply to offer 1-1 private sessions in the Healing Space. Email for more details

We have some slots for workshops, performance and brief intros of your work. Email for more info

What is the program going to be?

Welcome from 2pm, first meal is dinner at 6, check out 3pm, last meal is lunch at 1.

Mornings: swim, tai chi, meditative movement, meditation

Workshops in The Renaissance of Troubadours, Fool, Shaman and the Fool, Clown, Storytelling, Circling, Song-Writing, Play, Social Presenting Theatre, Joy in Public Space, Improvised Singing.

Evenings: Friday : Ceilidh Storytelling & Music open mic / jam Saturday DJ Helene Bøhler (Norway) Sunday Midsummer Party

Who is teaching?

Angela Halvorsen Bogo, Simon Chamberlain,  Marion Ibertsberger, Helene Bøhler, Andrew Venezia, Kathryn Piper. Bios of these and others will be available soon. Perhaps YOU will be one?


1. BOOK BY APRIL 20th and receive support for your own projects. 1 free 30 minute coaching call plus 15% off all coaching in 2023

3. FOR ALL Travel with Troubadour Adventures 15% discount in 2023/2024.*

Renaissance of Troubadours

Founded by Angela Halvorsen Bogo, a storyteller, singer and clown travelling and working across the world since 1990. She trained in physical theatre, circus and in the indigenous storytelling tradition of the Scottish Travelling People.

The Renaissance of Troubadours is an umbrella for training, performance, community development and travel in the tradition of the Fool, Storyteller and Troubadour archetypes. The key elements being service, present moment awareness, availability, vulnerability, improvisation, play, physical theatre, storytelling and hospitality. 

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Sabina, north of Rome, April 7-10, Yoga, Play and Storytelling (in Italian)

Brecon Beacons, Wales - April 28-May 2, Camping, campfire storytelling, guided stargazing 

Arctic Norway at RidhuRidhu Festival for Indigenous Peoples,  July 12-16 , 

Ghent, Belgium Playing the Fool at Gentefeste/, July 18-23; 24-30, 

Barcelona - Marrakech Overland and sea Adventure 6-10 September 

Marrakech - September 11- 18 Playing the Fool & Storytelling 

2024 Tuscany / Assisi / Sardinia 


TUINHOTEL TRALALA, Vinkenkade 75 3645 AP Vinkeveen



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Festival of the Fool: About


Where is the festival happening? 

TraLaLa HotelVinkeveen, Netherlands. 

Festival of the Fool: Opening Hours
Festival of the Fool: RestaurantsMenus

Festival Presenters

in alphabetical order

Anna Gibson is a movement guide from Virginia, USA, currently living in Brazil with her beloved. Through language, music, visual art and movement, Anna explores the texture, size and shape of her human capacity. She strives for continuous integration and the continuous shedding of limitations, moving in on the locus where creative, healing, and spiritual impulses fall into a single dance with a single aim: to live well. /

Andrew Venezia is one of the world's leading researchers and experimenters with contemplative relationship.

Angela Halvorsen Bogo has worked professionally since 1990 as a clown, storyteller, singer, trainer, retreat leader and coach. She works as a clown with people with dementia in Norway. Angela teaches play, clown, storytelling and the fool. She combines playful embodied processes, storytelling and open space technologies, Theory U and Social Presencing Theater in organizational change.

Anthony Trahair embarked upon the playful path when he learned to throw objects in the air while studying Chemistry in the UK. Preferring balls to molecules, he set off on a voyage for Europe and arrived in Italy in 1997, where he developed a lasting passion for yoga. In 2003 he moved to Switzerland for three years to attend the prestigious Dimitri School of Physical Theatre. At age 40 Anthony wrote the ultimate book for jugglers, PEARLS OF JUGGLING. Check out his podcast: The PlayfuLife Podcast. Anthony offers 1-2-1 unconventional coaching to bring the best out of you.Anthony currently lives in the Italian countryside with his wife, three cats and two chickens.

Beatrice Otto is author of the award-winning Fools Are Everywhere: The court jester around the world (Chicago University Press), which was named the American Association of Publishers’ outstanding book of the year in its class. She then created to build the most sparkling, scholarly and sweeping online treasury promoting the appreciation of fools and jesters throughout history and across the world. Modest ambitions, as you know, never got anybody anywhere. I I

Caspar Jones is a professional actor and writer who has worked with numerous theatre companies, on film, television and radio. He began his career as medieval jester to the City of York. He has performed on trains and planes, from the streets of El Salvador in the midst of civil war to the Royal Albert Hall.

Claire Hewitt Storyteller and Artist living Perthshire, Scotland. For forty years I have been gathering and inspiring local communities' connection to their natural environment, and to one another through the arts and carrying stream of the oral tradition. My artistic practice as a Storyteller has been enriched, manifold by this incredibly diverse community, human and wild, which stretches itself along the River Tay. My practice developed from being an Environmental and Community Artist, Art Therapist Storyteller in Scotland and in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. I have been involved in projects with Historic Scotland; RSGS; Plantlife Scotland; Scottish Forestry Commission and many Community based Storytelling projects, keeping the Oral tradition a living tradition ‘Eye to eye, mind to mind and heart to heart.’

Dada Krsnasevananda has been a monk and meditation teacher of Ananda Marga for forty years. He was born in Canada but spent the major part of his childhood in Japan. He graduated from the Australian National University in Canberra with a BA in Asian Studies and then went to Japan to study Japanese Literature on a scholarship from the Japanese Education Ministry.

Dada’s current work is focused on maintaining a good community and spiritual flow at Ananda Gaorii, planning and hosting workshops, making Ananda Gaorii more sustainable and looking after the spiritual growth of the young volunteers who come to Ananda Gaorii to learn about yoga and meditation. https://

Dave Sutton Festival Artist, I'm an Edinburgh based illustrator, stock in trade bright 'n' breezy visuals. Here showcasing artwork that I hope will be of interest to children's publishing companies, art editors, commissioners, educational publishers, design agencies and creatives that work in this market. You can see more of my artwork on my big big site:

Efrem Stein Theatermaker and physical actor. instagram: efremstein facebook page: Efrem Stein Speelt

Helene Bøhler is an artist, a facilitator of Tai Chi and Soul Moves, a TMW teacher trainer, and a lover of music and dance. The essence of her work and life is to connect and listen in stillness, movement and celebration; to nurture and express our true nature. Come and join the celebration in joyful movement, gorgeous grounding grooves and light lifting play to meet in the Yes! of life. Facebook: TMW Norway.

Jaime Mears has worked in Theatre, Film and Television both in Australia and in Portugal since 1999. In 2007 this NIDA graduate was awarded a Churchill Fellowship for excellence in the performing arts which allowed her to pursue further training with Philippe Gaulier Anne Bogart and the SITI Company, Keith Johnstone and Complicité. She is a member of the SITI Extended Ensemble. She has taught Bouffon in the UK, Russia, Australia, Hungary and Denmark as well as in Portugal. Jaime is the co- artistic Director of Teatro Rei Sem Roupa, Portugal. She works as a hospital Clown for Operação Nariz Vermelho.

Laura Simms is an internationally acclaimed storyteller, writer, and educator advocating engaged storytelling as compassionate action for personal and community transformation.

Madeleine Grantham Professional storyteller since 1992. Folk stories, myths and epics told to people of all ages in many places including: festivals, parties, nature reserves & story clubs. Trained with storytellers: Ben Haggerty, Shonaleigh, Michael Harvey and David Campbell (among many others)

Robbie Foulston is a truly foolish human, on a sometimes rocky path of trusting & learning to balance. He has learned of the Fool with Holly Stoppit, Jonathan Kay, and briefly with our very own Angela Halvorsen Bogo! He was doing things for a while under the name State of Play:

Sebastian Bühler 

Stefan Schultze Based in Zürich, Switzerland, Stefan is a passionate mountaineer, explorer of The Wild Life, environmental engineer, serial entrepreneur, Ecstatic Dance facilitator and DJ of Life.

Susanne R. Cook-Greuter is an independent scholar who is recognized in the field of adult development for her ground-breaking work in ego development theory and the function of language in molding us. She has a doctorate in psychology from Harvard. She is an elder of the Integral community and a benevolent skeptic. She likes to question any certainties and to expose our need to feel important. She celebrates the variety of human ways of making sense of life and feels compassion for our lot. In her eyes, storytelling, humor and laughter are medicine for our weary souls.

Wellington Nogueira, Brazilian, is a graduate of The American Musical and Dramatic Academy, NYC, where he lived and worked in Theatre, Performance Art and Film. He joined The Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit then in São Paulo, he founded Brazil’s first and foremost professional clown doctor nonprofit organization, Doctors of Joy (Doutores da Alegria). Starred in Brazilian productions of Addams Family and Jesus Christ Superstar and in Film and TV productions. Currently working on the performance piece "The Fools Tarot", to open in September in a camera near you.

Wendy Allegaert is a clown, writer, producer, performer and storyteller. After living in New York for her entire life, she moved to Portland, Oregon in 2012 to have a new sense of things. She has performed throughout the United States, working off-Broadway and regionally. Favorite collaborations include: Robert Woodruff, Ken R. Schmoll, Nancy Gabor. In Portland she's performed at Be Space, Imago Theatre and at the Moth.

Wendy Woolfson is a professional storyteller and facilitator, supporting families and professionals to work collaboratively in meeting the needs of vulnerable children and young people through storytelling and trauma sensitive practice. She is the creator of the Out of Harm Toolkit which supports understanding of self-harm. She works in small therapeutic groups for people to explore stories, including their own. Wendy has more than 15 years of storytelling experience, is a Solution Focused Brief Therapy Practitioner, COSCA counselling trained and currently works in social care for a Scottish charity and is studying Therapeutic Life Story Work.

Festival of the Fool: Text

This festival has been created from many people who have immersed themselves  and surrendered to the beautifully liberating archetype of the Fool.

I, Angela, the person who ignited the festival, am inviting you no matter what state you are in right now, to give yourself the chance to let go, unwind, relax, laugh and play. Just for a while. Joy is contagious, and healing. And there is an abundance here for you. 

Sound like fun?


The price is low to enable more people access. We know many people are struggling because of the pandemic. We also appreciate all donations to support the 31 contributors, technicians and administrators who are volunteering their time and talents. 

Day Ticket 

Either March 31st or April 1st

29 euros

Festival Ticket 

Both March 31st and April 1st

49 euros

Festival Ticket

Pacific, Mountain, Eastern, Australia time zones,

March 31st + April 1st

29.00 euros


Festival of the Fool: Services
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