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What is Transformational Play?

In  Transformational Play, people become completely present and engaged, not living in the past but open to a new future. Science is proving that play stimulates the brain and fires impulses in the frontal lobe, helping creativity, flexibility, relational skills, memory, our physical health and boosts our immune system. 


Stanford University’s Design school’s new course ‘From Play to Innovation’ is proving how team-centered projects are increasing innovation with playfulness. By incorporating play techniques, teams can have more productive meetings and increase competitive edge.


Play is also powerful for individuals. By rewiring the brain with play, we can correct imbalances and develop many capacities - transforming the person in a light and fun way.

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What is Transformational Play: About

Benefits of Transformational Play


Greater Ability To Connect With Others

Transformational Play develops strong, warm, communication skills. Many of us know we would like more authentic, alive relationships at work and in our personal lives. This process shows you how.


Developing Innovation

Transformational Play provides a lighthearted atmosphere in which people  learn to be in creative flow with others.


Authentic And Spontaneous

Transformational Play develops our authenticity and awareness. These bring benefits to leadership, team work and personal relationships.


Fun Accelerates Learning

Transformational Play is so much fun that as problems vanish, an unforgettable and optimal learning environment appears.


Being Who You Really Are

Transformational Play makes people feel alive, strong and energised. This state of well being motivates and puts us in touch with our individual qualities and strengths.


Time For Reflection

Transformative Play allows moments of reflection and rest in between dynamic activity. These resting times give space to check in with ourselves and integrate the learning.

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How is Transformational Play Taught?

Transformational Play integrates a full range of play activities -  movement, music, creative expression, storytelling, social interaction, well-designed games, and contemplative exercises. Participants need no previous experience with any of these. Curiosity is enough to receive powerful outcomes.

 “When enough people raise play to the status it deserves in our lives, we will find the world a better place.” - Stuart Brown, M.D.

What is Transformational Play: About


Get to the next level of engagement using play to powerfully connect, collaborate and innovate.


Help your community to better connect and communicate, bring their talent/work to the world more effectively and live with more happiness.


Join Angela for a transformational journey in an inspirational location.

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