Hi I'm Angela

I want to see a world where people are no longer weighed down by life and work. I envision a world where all people are freed from limited thinking or systems, so they can bring their gifts and energy to contribute to a vibrant and thriving world.

I teach Transformational Play to help individuals, groups, and teams to become fully aligned with who they are and how they want to live so they can powerfully connect, collaborate and innovate.


About Angela

Transformational Play Facilitator.

Angela Halvorsen Bogo is a facilitator and performer with thirty years of experience using play, storytelling, movement, improvisation, meditation, and clowning to facilitate change in individuals and organisations.

She is passionate about using modern techniques to help people feel more connected, conscious and alive. Through the power of play, individuals discover more of who they are so that living and working is more fun, easy and creative. Work becomes more innovative and productive - increasing results and competitive edge, while reducing ineffective meetings and high turnover.


“When people discover the empowering freedom of play, they can’t help but change the world.”

Angela Halvorsen Bogo



Get to the next level of engagement using play to powerfully connect, collaborate and innovate.


Help your community to better connect and communicate, bring their talent/work to the world more effectively and live with more happiness.


Join Angela for a transformational journey in an inspirational location.


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