Helping Individuals Transform Their Lives Using the Power of Play

If you want to help people who are:

  • Stuck and frustrated because their talent and work is not being seen

  • Disconnected from others and not getting the results and outcomes they want

  • Working and living in an unfulfilling way

And who want to:

  • Become aligned with who they are and how they want to live

  • Be able to powerfully connect with others

  • Go beyond fear and insecurity and find the courage to collaborate

  • Be bold enough to go after their creative ideas


Angela Halvorsen Bogo

Transformational Play Founder

Angela Halvorsen Bogo is a facilitator and performer with thirty years of experience using play, storytelling, movement, improvisation, meditation, and clowning to facilitate change in individuals and organisations.

Angela is an expert in ‘transformational play’, helping individuals to become aligned with who they are and how they want to live.

Angela has worked with:

  • Presenters (performers, speakers, storytellers, teachers)

  • People who work to bring out transformation in others (coaches, therapists, team leaders)

  • Health professionals (doctors, nurses, care providers)

  • People transitioning into a new chapter of their life

  • Individuals who are passionate about personal development


Angela’s unique approach has provided a life-changing experience for hundreds of people who have deepened and strengthened their relational skills. Angela has become a perennial and important part of our short course programme.

Stuart Masters, Senior Programme Leader, UK

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