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Power of Play

Transform Your Life and Organization

We help individuals and organizations unlock
innovation, collaboration, and well-being through the power of play

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Qualities of Play

Boost Innovation & Creativity
Breakthroughs often emerge through playful exploration. Playful approaches encourage risk-taking and lead to fresh ideas.

Deepen Connection & Collaboration
Playful activities build trust, connection, and shared experiences. This fosters stronger teams that communicate effectively and work together seamlessly.

Enhance Well-being & Resilience
Play is a natural stress reliever and a source of joy. It injects energy and enthusiasm into work and life, leading to a more fulfilling experience.


Get to the next level of engagement using play to powerfully connect, collaborate and innovate.


Help your community to better connect and communicate, bring their talent/work to the world more effectively and live with more happiness.


Join Angela for a transformational journey in an inspirational location.

What is Transformational Play: Products

Kieth Olsen, USA

MARVELLOUS! The experience was marvellous. A safe place to play, create and liberate oneself from the constructed self (one's beliefs and behaviours). Very freeing, combining movement, music and voice.  Every person became very special in this small amount of time. Glorious.....


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