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Play is a scientifically-proven, fun way to catalyse change.

Individuals and organizations are recognizing a paradox.  Play, is re-creation. It brings, energy, inspiration, passion, focus, happiness, alignment and collaboration quicker than anything else!

Play is simply the golden key to spectacular innovation.


Angela Halvorsen Bogo is the founder of Transformational Play.

A storyteller, singer, clown and social technologies facilitator designing situations of engagement, joy and connection. She weaves stories, movement, games and reflection to enhance collaboration, innovation and creative expression.

Her work proves play is the fastest route to connection. Change needs to be fun to be sustainable. Play is therefore essential in creating a better world. 



Get to the next level of engagement using play to powerfully connect, collaborate and innovate.


Help your community to better connect and communicate, bring their talent/work to the world more effectively and live with more happiness.


Join Angela for a transformational journey in an inspirational location.


Kieth Olsen, USA

MARVELLOUS! The experience was marvellous. A safe place to play, create and liberate oneself from the constructed self (one's beliefs and behaviours). Very freeing, combining movement, music and voice.  Every person became very special in this small amount of time. Glorious.....

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