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Trickster Course 
Curriculum & FAQ

Deepen your connection to storytelling and play.


Unlock your creativity and artistic expression.


Reconnect with joy and experience life with fresh eyes.

Join a vibrant community of like-minded creatives.


Become a catalyst for positive change in the world. 


Learning Objectives

Personal Transformation

1. Embrace playful wisdom

2. Awaken artistic expression

3. Reconnect with joy

4. Enhance self awareness

Creative Development

1. Develop presence

2. Expand creative toolbox

3. Connect with Nature

4. Explore physical expression

Community Building

1. Hold we-space

2. Curate bonding for impact 

3. Align with the group 

4. Collective transformation


The curriculum is designed to be flexible and responsive to your needs and interests. Angela weaves together your personal desires with those of the group, ensuring the exercises and stories emerge at a pace that allows for deeper exploration and connection.

Throughout the week, you'll delve into the following elements to discover your unique voice and unlock your creative potential:

  • Embodied Play: Reconnect with your playful nature through movement, improvisation, and creative expression.

  • Developing Presence: Cultivate your awareness of yourself and others, fostering deeper connections and enhancing your creative presence.

  • Engage with the World: Through objects, sensations, weather, mood, inspiration and possibilities.

  • Expanding Your Creative Toolkit: Learn techniques for active listening, receiving inspiration, and embracing flow states to enhance your creative process.

  • Grounding in Nature: Find peace and inspiration by connecting with the natural beauty of the Umbrian countryside.

  • Body Expression: Explore practices to activate and care for your physical body, fostering a holistic approach to creativity.

  • Evening Circles: Gather with your fellow participants for captivating storytelling evenings, a chance to share your creations and revel in the power of narrative.

Additional Practices

Each day offers practices to complement your learning journey:

  • Body awareness practices: Morning Yoga, Qi gong, Social Presencing Theater

  • Periods of silence and deep relaxation

  • Swimming

  • Ecstatic dance ceremony at the end of the course ✨


1. What will I gain from the Trickster in Italy Course? 

  • Develop your ability to create spaces of joy, happiness and delight

  • Become a flexible, responsive, expressive storyteller, fool, troubadour or leader

  • Experience life as it should be experienced, fresh, open, wondrous

  • Co-create with interesting people drawn together around the trickster archetypes

  • Learn to create magic with your authenticity, simplicity, spontaneity and charm

  • Become one whose presence changes any situation for the better 

  • Start or deepen an artistic practice

  • Return to your work and loved ones expanded and light, with a clear purpose

  • Join a visionary community that will support you in emerging that purpose

  • Rejuvenate yourself in the secluded Umbrian countryside retreat center

2. I am not a professional performer. Is this for me?

  • If you are attracted by and feel curiosity for the course then it is for you. You do not need to be a professional performer.

  • Most courses include a mixture of people working in some capacity with the arts as well as people who have a calling or a desire or a hobby that is artistic.

2. I am only interested in being on retreat. Is this for me?

3. Do I have to do meditation, yoga or ecstatic dance?

  • While there will be short periods of meditation and quite a lot of movement in the workshops, the main times for meditation, yoga or ecstatic dance will be optional.

4. Do I need a car to get to Tara Nature?

  • No, we will arrange a shuttle from the nearest train station.

5. The information contains no costs. When will that be available?

  • The pricing information will be revealed in mid-June 2024.

6. I have a question about the course. Who should I contact?

7. I have a question about the venue. Who should I contact?

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