How Companies and Organizations Can Get to the Next Level of Engagement Using Play

Large companies and organizations often struggle with:

  • Demotivated, overwhelmed or frustrated employees who are not able to contribute fully in the current structure

  • Employees working in silos where departments don’t communicate or collaborate well to find solutions

  • Creativity and innovative ideas impeded by old, top-down leadership styles

If companies and organizations don’t fix these problems, they risk:

  • Spending money on costly, ineffective systems

  • Losing talented people and market share

  • Struggling to keep up with the emerging world


What is possible through Transformational Play?

Transformational Play makes employees feel empowered, energized and motivated while introducing the lean, agile systems and strong inter-departmental communication skills needed to carry companies into the future.


Angela Halvorsen Bogo

Transformational Play Founder

Angela Halvorsen Bogo is a facilitator and performer with thirty years of experience using play, storytelling, movement, improvisation, meditation, and clowning to facilitate change in individuals and organizations.

Angela is an expert in Transformational Play, helping individuals to become aligned with who they are and how they want to live so they can powerfully connect, collaborate and innovate.

Angela has worked with:

  • Presenters (performers, speakers, storytellers, teachers)

  • People who work to bring out transformation in others (coaches, therapists, team leaders)

  • Health professionals (doctors, nurses, care providers)

  • People transitioning into a new chapter of their life

  • Individuals who are passionate about personal development


Previous Clients

Companies and Organizations


The work with you Angela has really impressed myself and all the Quality team. You created such a different atmosphere that people started to think about their business issues and opportunities from different angles. What seemed too difficult became possible!!

People started to connect and interact in a really different and more effective way.


Massimiliano Ranieri

VP Quality & Continuous Improvement - Europe and Middle East Area

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Your company or organization can tap into the potential of play and join the play revolution.

"When enough people raise play to the status it deserves in our lives, we will find the world a better place."

Stuart Brown, M.D.


Incorporating Play into Companies and Organizations Leads them to:

Excellent employees who are happy, healthy and productive

Smoother internal cooperation between departments and teams

Improved communication skills so that new agile systems can be implemented


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