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Relational Dynamics Coaching

As your coach I hold a space in which  you discover your own solutions to something you want to create or change in your life. 

Thi is s self directed learning where you decide the content. and I create the container, ask questions and support with my full attention. 

Simple embodiment practices allow you to integrate your discoveries at the end of each session of coaching. 

I am accredited with the Association for Coaching.


Angela works from a direct connection and high level of receptivity about what is going on, what is needed in the session and very organically approaches the process that a human is going through. I very much appreciated the soft holding, felt a lot of empathy and genuine presence, which was extremely helpful. I was moved and surprised by my body sensation and what my body wanted to express (in stark contrast to what my thinking mind insisted), for me that was an important opening and deepening observation about the vastness of resources from my bodily feelings and emotions, and of the ability to listen to them.

I liked the openness and ease of the session, I felt open to put into words a very deep intention and felt much less stressed about it than I normally would. There was a shift in my focus from "figuring out what is wrong, working at it hard and proper, getting permission to mark the work as completed to giving attention to the part that wants to become.

I liked the reflection on what I am saying and the distillation and suggestions that appeared. There is a seriousness with a lightness and smile that really helps. It is a good opportunity to hear what I am saying. I really enjoy being coached by Angela.

I have begun taking myself more seriously. Today, four hours after our meeting, I have swum, walked to the pool in the rain and feel better already. Boundaries in one area spread into other areas and I feel more controlled and organised already. I will remember to change energy when I fall into old patterns.

She is cheerful and wise. You have the feeling she is alongside you, doesn't know it all, is exploring with you. She does have the experience to advise and nudge. Her advice is clear and encouraging and after that amount of attention, it is great to have a witness which encourages you to stick to your plans. She has faith in you, and your ability to change, or reveal yourself.

This has been perfect: your relaxed, confident, intuitive style of coaching. 

I looooooved the focus on ease.  It felt a very natural way of going that you shared with me. A very playful and inspiring way of working. Thinking of Angela as a coach? Be open for something exquisitely different and very nurturing! 

Angela creates a profound listening space where I start hearing myself. I value her insights - they expand my internal hearing range (my awareness) and how she models acceptance. It is a bit magical in that I feel that to different people she offers different things. Somebody said that she works non-linear and I think that is true, she works with the texture of the moment and the person, letting them be heard and seen and offers her acceptance of the process and a wisdom of experience and experiencing. 

The whole atmosphere of the session gave me power. This witnessing and sharing what you see, affirmed the part of me which I am habitually ignoring. This affirmation and your perspective is what is most valuable to me, the specific actions will arise on their own from that.

Through active listening, Angela helps people draw the answers out of themselves. The results and suggestions that flow from the session reflect the client's authentic needs and intentions.

Angela's warmth, insight and sensitivity is helpful and genuine. I felt understood and met for who I am  and reminded that I don't need permission to enjoy life.

She can help you find clarity about next steps, no matter what your situation is. Show up as you are and she will help you.

The session opened doors to lightness of which I wasn't aware. I liked the trust in playfulness, and the trust in the archetype of the fool, I like the way Angela looks at light and life. I think she can give everyone valuable feedback to achieve a more joyful life. 

Angela has a huge toolkit and many different angles on how to look at a given situation or state of being. She can zoom in on specific needs, can at times be challenging in a positive way and creative in her approach.  The coaching was very focused, very appropriate to where I am at,  practical and tangible. The work around putting a price on my worth was brilliant.

Angela is really wise and insightful, and also challenging. Brilliant to help get a new initiative/project/direction off the ground. She is very practical as well as very deep. Brilliant in a group at making amazing things happen through her facilitation skills. Not the person to go to if you are looking for tea and sympathy, but if you want to grow and are on the journey of self awareness then she is a fantastic person to help you. The coaching was really helpful. Angela was really focused on me, listening deeply, and very insightful. I felt she really heard what was below my words, and put her  finger on a couple of things that I hadn't seen like that before.  I felt heard, and was moved to tears. She was compassionate and wise. I'm hugely grateful.

An informal, intuitive, open and spiritual work. I enjoyed the interaction which created deep levels of understanding and connection. I enjoyed the understanding on how to be and act with difficult stuff and the support on my contributing to a group and how that can support my intention.

Take a coaching session with Angela if you really are ready to make a change for your life in practical terms - or if you want to find out what your limits are in regard to changing your life and taking responsibility. I was amazed how quickly Angela was able to make practical, realistic suggestions to the issue we were talking about: how to "conquer" the online world as a clown/puppeteer with a very limited amount of technical equipment available. I have a more open mind and with the feeling that there really are many possibilities.

She is kind, interested, knowledgeable and easy to talk to.


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