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Midsummer Storytelling in Berlin

This week I had the delicious pleasure to tell stories in Berlin. One evening focused on Scottish stories and the Celtic wheel of eight festivals, the summer solstice being one of them. The second evening was a journey into the heart through stories from England, Iraq and Morocco with a poem from Rumi and a blessing from the Hebridean islands.

There is a quality of connection and presence in storytelling when the listeners are able to drop into the deepest parts of themselves so that we are in a field of healing magic together. I experienced this both evenings. Truly beautiful. I will be back in the autumn to start a series of workshops.

Those who seek their hearts desire, must make the journey.....

Some comments,

'A beautiful night of presence, so captivating to listen to you.'

'Portals transporting you to into worlds near and far, opening heart and soul and bringing out the extraordinary in the ordinary'

'I was not aware of the healing quality of stories. Now I am. They nurture the heart and keep the mind busy. Thank you.'

'Angela is a weaver of stories. She is connected to some deep and forgotten streams. Drink from these stories and satiate your thirst.'

'I am emerging from different lands. Slowly, gently coming back more grounded and centred in this reality. Thank you'

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